data analytics for teams

Data is part of the game.

A brand new approach to data analytics in Dota 2, poised to give teams a clear knowledge advantage in understanding themselves and opponents. Teams can focus on theory-crafting, perfecting tactics and innovating. Leave the data crunching to us.

Our custom reports can serve as a great tool to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses, scout out the opposition and save a lot of time otherwise spent on reviewing replays and preparation.

team performance evaluation

Where 65 carefully crafted metrics are benchmarked against all other teams performing in the same tournaments. Performance is analyzed for the game overall and 3 game periods: early, mid, late. Strengths and weaknesses are highlighted.


individual player performance evaluation by position

All five positions are compared to their peers in the same tournaments.

team playstyle analysis

Covering timings, pushing patterns, hero pool, vulnerability to particular lane outcomes and distribution of resources and responsibilities by position.

Distplot Colors


match analysis for any given team

Matches are grouped together based on key similarities and analyzed from a global perspective, with the possibility to zoom into certain aspects, from teamfighting to Roshan attempts, farming, pushing or quality of supporting.